Inlaid Wooden Plaque

In the same antiques mall in Brunswick, Maine, where I found the LeRat etching, I also found an inlaid wooden plaque on a brass easel depicting a couple dressed in traditional central European village costumes dancing while each was playing a frame drum. When I first spotted this unique piece in the Cabot Mill Antiques Mall, I recognized that it was made of wood, but I just assumed the figures were merely painted on it. It was only on careful examination did I come to realize that it was made up of a number of painted pieces which were then carefully inlaid into a two part wooden background. I have photographed one view of the plaque on an angle so that you can see the various inlaid pieces.

Since writing the above, I have discovered that this object is correctly described as an "Intarsia Pictorial Panel". "Intarsia" is defined in the dictionary as: " A decorative inlaid pattern in a surface, especially a mosaic worked in wood." Intarsia is a German word from the Italian Intarsio.