Layne Redmond  

August 17, 1952- October 28, 2013



"We are always together in the place of blessings, flourishing on the bank of the calm mind, filled with our song of satisfied creation, radiant in the pulse of all that is, of all that ever was, of all that ever will be.......We "begin again, to begin at the beginning, to end again, to end at the beginning......We begin to begin, to begin at the beginning, to end, to begin, to begin at the ending..."  Layne Redmond



As word of Layne's death spread around the globe, many drummers took time forceremonies of remembrance, for writing tributes to Layne and for sharing with other drummers what Layne has meant to them personally. Here are some examples of such tributes to our beloved teacher.



1. The MiRA Project

Here is a beautiful dance tribute to Layne Redmond

The dancers are Stasia Minashkina and Yana Yamana


2. The Percussive Arts Society

Layne was a member of the Society and acknowledged so gratefully that PAS was the first group of people who understood her andher passion for the frame drum.

In Memoriam: Layne Redmond by Rick Mattingly


3. Ma Gaia

On Cyprus, the Ma Gaia frame drummers invited us all asjoin together with the rest of the world one evening, drumming for Layne.   See also  Ma Gaia at  http://www.cyprusspirit.coml


4. Remo World Drums

Layne Redmond Memorial Celebration

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

              Time:5:00pm – 7:00pm     Cost:Free

            Hosts: Miranda Rondeau and Larry Graber

You are all welcome to come join the Remo family, friends and students in honoring and celebrating the life and rhythmic legacy ofBeloved Remo frame drum artist, teacher, author, historian, mythologist, composer, recording artist, and film maker, Layne Redmond (Aug. 19th 1952- Oct. 28th 2013)

Layne Redmond, a treasure to many, is best known for her research on the frame drumin her book "When the Drummers Were Women." She discovered that the frame drum was a sacred ritual instrument played by priestesses responsible for the spiritual functions of society.

She was the first woman frame drummer to have her own signature series drums by REMO Drum Co.
Remo RMC was her home to teaching in Los Angeles where many of her students came to learn.  We come together to honor, remember, and celebrate Layne Redmondfor her contribution to the world of frame drumming, empowerment of women, and the healing power of the frame drum.

You are welcome to bring something for the altar.  Refreshments graciously provided by REMO RMC



5.  See also  "For Layne"






Layne's Legacy

Here is a photo of the workshop held at Rowe Center, MA. Called "Carrying on the Legacy" it was a time when we all felt Layne's presence vividly.