... I will have continued my faithfulness to you....Again you shall take your tambourines and go forth in the dance...
— Jeremiah 31: 3-4 NRSV

 The ancient frame drum was  intentionally suppressed over 1000 years ago by the authorities in the Christian Church at that time. 

This drum has returned to Christian prayer and worship! 

Come join in the rejoicing!


Is she holding a cake or a drum? Copyright Courtesy the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Is she holding a cake or a drum?

Copyright Courtesy the Canadian Museum of Civilization


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A Brief History

Long before 1000 B.C.E. and before Jerusalem became King David's city, around the entire Mediterranean Sea, women played this drum in their temples and their household prayer corners, for birthing and dying, for victory in battle and for all the important religious ceremonies and rituals of the community, for healing, for wisdom, for miracles..... 

Early archaeologists found numerous small clay figurines like the one just above. Since the figurine is a woman, scholars concluded that she must be holding a cake. Hmmm, what would be the recipe for a cake you hold like that?

Later scholars realized the woman is holding her frame drum.

A Discovery

Layne Redmond

Layne Redmond

While sorting her drum teacher's many slides of statues and other museum pieces, Layne Redmond asked herself why all the drummers were women.

Her question burst through the thick, old and well locked sanctuary door that kept this drum shut out of Christian worship - until now. 

Today's congregations are welcoming this drum into their midst and reclaiming its spiritual power.


Come, join in the awe and the fun of Biblical Drumming!

Frame drum without  jingles (tar)

Frame drum without  jingles (tar)

Frame drum with jingles