New Congregation hears Tar for the first time!

With great excitement, I opened the email that came to me in May, 2018. It was from Cooperman Fife and Drums forwarding to me an email from Roger Stratton in Guardian Angels Church, Oakdale Minnesota. Roger followed up on Patrick Cooperman's suggestion to check out this website and, in July, 2018,  Roger emailed me, grateful for the information and videos on our site! 

A second email arrived in July, 2018 from Roger. This one included a link to the "video of our first use of the tar in liturgy.  It’s a rehearsal for a program we’re giving tonight of music in honor of Mary Magdalene."   Congratulations, Roger! And welcome to the wonderful world of returning the frame drum to its rightful and historic place in public and private worship! 

Here is the link to experience this initiative moment we all celebrate:    

Again, congratulations to Roger and to the chorus in the worship service. Layne would have been so interested and pleased to know this was happening!