The photo below introduces our newest Biblical Drum group. They are from the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. Welcome, each one of you! The women were introduced to the Biblical Drum by the Rev. David Atwood, the minister. The group is made up of United Church of Canada women from the area.

David writes: “I have been teaching them konnokol  to get the rhythm basics down (these women might be the 1st UCW group in the UCC to practice Konokkol!).  We performed the Magnificat with the Maqsuum rythmn during Advent at a Roman Catholic Church in the area. I’m planning on working with them on the Easter Passion piece you published on the Holy Rhythms website next.”

Can life be more exciting??? How many of our other drum circles know what Konokkol is? I don’t!!! David….???

And the idea of Maqsuum to share the Magnificat with a congregation is equally ground-breaking! Wonderful! Wonderful! And wonderfully brilliant inspiration!

Know that the Easter Passion piece on this website is a very, very powerful piece. We begin to realize just how sacred our drum is. The final breath of Jesus on the cross as a brushing stroke on our tar helps each drummer to experience just what it is to ‘hold’ the Sacred in one’s hands. That is humbling for all of us.