Cast Iron Putto

In York, Maine, I came across a little antiques store called Blanche's Antiques. Inside, I found it to have many religious objects including a number of reproductions based on Fra Angelica. I immediately assumed that I would have good luck here, but no, the proprietor insisted that while he had many angels, none to his knowledge were holding a frame drum. Being me, I insisted on giving the shop a good going over, and sure enough, right there in plain sight was a delightful 12 inch high cast iron putto that a long time ago probably graced someone's garden or patio.  

By the way, I noted on Blanche's business card that Michael and Paul were the only names listed, so I asked who Blanche was. It turns out that all the antique and gift shops in the area had women's names, so these guys decided that their shop would be Blanche's, just to fit in.