A Frame Drum at Grad!

Drummer David Atwood is again making news, and breaking down old barriers!!!  Yess!!!

David has completed the required academic training to become an ordained clergy with the United Church of Canada. During his years in seminary, he experienced the Tar's 'magic' aka the Spirit's pull! He pursued various drum teachers and learned with them. For, he sensed a deep call to integrate this drum with Christian ministry, both worship leadership and pastoral care leadership in particular. 

Here is what he shares with us: 

I performed this piece on the Tar at Rockingham United Church. I also performed it at the Atlantic School of Theology convocation this year. This piece was inspired by my use of the Tar in the healing context during my Clinical Pastoral Education training unit which was part of his required training. 

Check David's drumming out at http://www.rockinghamunited.org/Audio/audios/Papaguan%20Celebration.mp3

May David's drumming continue to bless his ministry and enable our drum to speak once again to the hearts and spirits of every worshipper.