A Welcomed Return!

Here in Ottawa (Canada) recently, we've had very icy weather conditions. One of our drummers fell and broke a femur. Surgery was required, and possibly hip replacement. Our whole group drummed Omalu and Tenfold for her, anxiously waiting for news: did she have the surgery? was it hip replacement? how is she? where is her rehab taking place? When will she be home? 

Then suddenly, our liaison drummer sent out a surprising email: she was home and planning to return to drumming that week! We couldn't believe such news but rejoiced that this could possibly be true!  How wonderful!!! And thus she walked in -not on crutches but merely with a walker! It turns out once in surgery, doctors realized that, with two screws inserted, they could repair her femur! How wonderful x2!

This is a photo of our some of the group presenting her with our gift of welcome.