Rajasthani Tribal Dafli Player

On the same trip to India where I found the traditional Rajasthani painted wooden dafli player, I also came across a magnificent three and a half foot high solid silver image of a dafli player in a traditional Rajasthani tribal style. It was, of all things, installed by the catering company as a decorative ornament in the reception tent at the safari camp set up for visitors to the annual Pushkar Camel Fair near Ajmer in Rajasthan.  After this discovery, I kept my eyes open in every handicraft bazaar for a smaller version. Sure enough, in Jaipur, I found a seven inch high version of the same statue but now in white metal with a touch of silver leaf. My real surprise came back in Canada when I found two more tribal figurines in white metal playing the dafli in a shop in Little India on Gerrard Street in Toronto. These were eleven inches in height, so taller and more detailed than the one I found in Jaipur. I have not been able to find out much about these Rajasthani tribal figures except for the interesting fact that the little ornaments hanging from their bodies are called "ghungroos".