Majolica Centrepiece (Updated)

Having blogged about our only two Capodimonte pieces, I turn now to a Majolica style centrepiece fruit bowl which I found in the Stittsville ON Flea Market in the suburbs of Ottawa ON in December of 2011. There are no markings on the base and so all I can say is that it is a somewhat crude large moulded bowl which has been hand painted. The design showing human figures playing musical instruments and dancing is similar on both sides and the ends have an attractive floral pattern. We purchased the centrepiece for our collection because there is a musician playing on her frame drum prominently displayed on each side. Clearly the style is Mediterranean, but is it from Italy, Spain, Portugal or Majorca? Does anyone know? Love to hear from you. Thanks.


Since posting the above entry, I was able to purchase a companion piece to this bowl. It is a little ceramic lidded box with figures and decorations which clearly indicate it must have been manufactured in the same area, if not the same atelier. I found the box in a mall called "Antiques USA" in Arundel, ME, in July of 2013. To my delight, it was marked on the bottom as having been manufactured in Italy which answers my earlier question of where the large bowl above was from.