I think I'm beginning to get the hang of this

The post immediately below took me an entire afternoon of frustrating trial and error. So, I was satisfied to just close it off there. Now I would like to try and add a bit more to my previous post.

Looking at the mark which shows up on the leg of the cherubim, one's first assumption is that this is a Capodimonte figurine manufactured at the royal factory in Naples established by King Charles the VII of Naples and Sicily, in 1743. Further investigation suggests that it was more likely manufactured in Florence. The version of the Capodimonte mark on my figurine, (5 points representing a crown, but not drawn as a crown), was used by the Ginori factory in Doccia, Florence between 1830 and 1890. Ginori represented their porcelain as Capodimonte but in fact it was not really from Naples.

And yet, even if it is not a true Capodimonte, I still am happy to include this impish little cherubim in our collection.