Drumming for Judith's Bat Mitzvah

The Ottawa Biblical Drummers were invited by one of our members, Judith, to drum for Psalm 150 at her Bat Mitzvah! We were thrilled!  It was a beautiful service of worship and our little part went quite well. Congregants were curious about our drums and appreciated our contribution. Below is a photo taken by Jordan Wouk (Judith's brother-in-law)  at this happy event!  Again, Judith, congratulations! And again, thank-you for the privilege of your invitation!  A magnificent lunch followed and in the evening of this auspicious day (March 21) we gathered a second time to celebrate Judith's 70th birthday with a lovely Lebanese dinner! Mazel Tov!  L'Chayim!

Ottawa Drummers ready for Judith (first on left)!