2015: A Happy New Year for Drumming!!

After a celebratory final gathering in 2014, where each of us received a tambourine charm and we decided to have an Epiphany dinner, we took a 2 week break for the holidays, resuming our times together on January 2.  While some were down with colds and others taking holiday guest to the airport, everyone else joined in.  This year we will focus on the longer piece called Rattlesnake Composition for two groups of drummers. This shows weekly practice has led to wonderful results: we feel ready to take on this challenge!  A new opening format and closing Commissioning and Blessing are also part of each gathering.

New people are always welcome in either group: Bells Corners United Church (Friday 10:30 to noon) and Stittsville United Church (Friday 7pm to 9pm).  Please email before you come so that we can ensure there will be a drum for you to play!  The Friday group meets every other week depending on those gathered. So, if you 'd like to join us there, please email us to be sure of the date of our next gathering. All drummers are most welcome in either or both groups.

Happy New Year!  Hope to see you among us in 2015!