A celebration!

Our Festival hosts, the Mark Street United Church drummers  have celebrated their 3rd year of Biblical drumming! Congratulations to each one of you, MSUC!  Join in their excitement reading the email they share with us:

"What a great practice session we had tonight. There were 12 of us.  Tonight was a celebration because we have been drumming together as a group for three years.  The practice sheet reflects our progress over those three years. We had a lot of fun. The song  "River":  we played it through the way it is written here, and then decided we could play it double time, so that is what we did.  We were so pleased with ourselves that we were able to do that.  Our hands were just flying!!  What great fun we had.

When our practice session was finished, Liz, one of our drummers, had made a delicious homemade carrot cake!! We had three candles on the cake and they were lit, and we sang happy birthday to us!!  What a fun time we had!!  We are drumming Oh A Song Must Rise in church on Sunday."

Thank-you, Sylvia, for sharing this with us all.                    

Again, congratulations, MSUC drummers! 

See you all  very soon!