Peterborough Drummers Invited Out

Last Fall, the Mark Street United Church Biblical drummers received an invitation to drum in the Warsaw ON United Church Anniversary Service. Surprised yet delighted, they accepted - joyfully.

For more than a month, this group of 10-12 drummers, male and female, practised.  In the actual service, they accompanied all five hymns sung to celebrate this occasion.  Here are the patterns they used,  offered for you to try.

Amazing Grace:   Tar

Verses 1  & 5             D takata  D takata

Verses 2 & 4             D_ _  D _ _

Verses 3                    b b b

For the beauty of the earth: Frame drum with jingles & Go Now in Peace: Tar

D t K t  K K  t  t

O Worship the KIng & Peace is Flowing like a River :     Frame drum with jingles

K  D  T  C t  t

 Congratulations, Peterborough drummers!   You did it!  Such joy, gratitude and enthusiasm was no doubt experienced by the worshipers as you drummed.


The United Church of Warsaw, Ontario