Ottawa Biblical Drummers August 16

Our next gath e ring is 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Stittsville United Church 7-9 pm. 

Visitors, beginners are warmly welcomed! 

On August 16, our group gathered together, sharing news and information with each and then we began our work on the introductory tar!  Pretty exciting and challenging.

When all had arrived, we opened with meditation by Russell Buddy Helm' s Way of the Drum, this week from the last pages where he describes the kind of incite that comes through frame drumming.  Our opening chant, Sacred is the Call, was sung and we accompanied ourselves on our drums, using Ctt.

We warmed up with patterns such as Dtt, Ctt, Ktt.  Ttt  -great fun once the finger muscles learn when to stroke where!  Then we reviewed the Sufi Pattern, finding it a little easier each time we drum it.

Our work involved Rattlesnake 2, learning a new chant "Earth My/Our Body" and drummed with it once we had the words and tune down pat.

For the first time we used chopsticks to help us internalize cross stepping to a pulse of 4 while playing various other patterns on the chop sticks.  Everyone caught on quickly! 

We tried working with Layne's cd 1 and found it challenging as she moves quickly from one speed to another. We will try this again next gathering.

We had a conversation about sharing with more churches and friends about us and Pamphlets ,and posters were promised! We closed with a moment of meditation, commissioning and benediction and our send 'out' hymn, "Seek the Pulse" 

Thanks be to God and to each drummer for sanctifying this wonderful time together.