4th Annual Frame Drum Intensive Retreat

This wonderful retreat will open with a rhythmic ritual around the bonfire led by Tommy Brunjes on the Wednesday.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we’ll be working on Middle Eastern style tambourine and the tar in the standing and knee positions and including Brazilian candomblé trance rhythms. 

For advanced students Tommy will hold special sessions focusing on learning to improvise with frame drum and teaching his personally developed techniques for pandeiro and kanjira.

Therapeutic rhythmic techniques will be taught, helping drummers develop a powerful sense of time.

Each evening there will be a special event.

One evening will be incorporating a viewing of  Layne's  incomparable slide archive of the ancient goddesses, women and men frame drummers.

Another evening we will focus on Sound Rituals from ancient transformational practices.

A third evening will be a  movie night !   Excerpts from Layne’s newest film Axé Orixá (shot in Salvador, Brazil) will be shown, featuring the amazing festival of Iemanja, the festival of Omalu, and much more!

Sunday will be marked by a ritual. While  thinking mythically and working ritually, we will  create a closing ceremony using the many tools worked on during these five days. 

This event is held in the Prama Institute, near Asheville, North Carolina. It is quite the building:


 For further details, see Layne Redmond's website ( layneredmond.com) under "Schedule".