B. Michael Williams

Whether you are a  formally trained musician or not, here are some websites to enjoy.

  B. Michael Williams is an award-winning university professor of music in South Carolina. As a percussionist, he performs with symphonies and orchestras  and participates in international  percussive societies and events. Through his doctoral work on the percussionist John Cage (1935-1943), Dr. Williams studied  middle eastern frame drumming.  

He has now composed  “Four Solos for Frame Drums.” Using the same strokes and techniques we do, he has developed  scores for his frame drum and riq pieces .

Watch him and listen to him on www.honeyrock.net;  www.bachovich.com; bmichaelwilliams.com 

  He demonstrates well the difference between drumming as performance and drumming as worship & prayer practice. Check it out!