Layne's Passing

Dear Drumming Friends,

On Monday of this week, at 8:16am, in her home (Asheville NC), Layne Redmond left our world.  Her close friend and soul-sister Debra Roberts was with her. Debra shared with us that Layne's transition was gentle and peaceful.  She is beyond all her suffering now.

Layne's Buzz Off Celebration (see item below for August 03) is her memorial service. She was there to contribute her gentle voice & laughter and her gifted drumming and to feel our love embracing her from parts around the world. 

Layne's last workshop, July 2013

Layne's last workshop, July 2013

On Thursday afternoon, her body will be cremated and your prayers and drum-prayers of gratitude are encouraged at that time, for Layne's life which transformed the lives of so many, and  whose scholarly and artistic work will continue to change the world for generations to come.

Here is how Layne described her arrangements:  "We are working with the wonderful Center for End of Life Transitions organization for a natural, environmentally sound home-based funeral. The body, which is not embalmed, is kept undisturbed at home for up to three days, much like a traditional home wake. They also work with Asheville Mortuary Services which has seating for up to 30 people to attend the cremation and view it through a large window. We can create our own ritual and music for this period. We have the option for purchasing a cardboard coffin that we can decorate and also non-metallic offerings can be put into the coffin. In the beginning I wasn't real excited about thinking about being cremated (!) but by the time the two wonderful women, Caroline and Ruth had laid out our beautiful options we were all very excited about creating the funeral. Really it has taken on the aspect of transforming a funeral ritual that could be somewhat empty into something more meaningful and celebratory as I did with other kinds of rituals with the Mob of Angels. I can see my death as a very natural extension of the life I have lived."

Ah, our dear, dear Layne, how deeply we will miss you. Journey well!