Our First Maritime Congregation!!

Welcome Cole Harbour - Woodside, Nova Scotia,  Biblical Drummers!!  

Bermudan David Atwood is studying with the Atlantic School of Theology and has accepted a call from the Cole Harbour - Woodside Church as his ministry learning site.  On his own, he studied several courses with Scott Robinson and other drum teachers and when he learned of Holy Rhythms decided to explore what the Ottawa Drummers are doing over a Christmas break. We had a most wonderful drum conversation as it pertains to worship!  How exciting to then learn David led the first of a series of beginner workshops.  And he sent along the photo attached below ! 

Welcome newest drummers and drum teacher!!! You are our first Maritime drum group!!! We look forward to getting to know you and drum with you!  How appropriate your stain glass window!

And if David is in time called to ministry in Bermuda, another new Biblical drum site will surely open!  How about a Biblical drum retreat in Bermuda, anyone?!?!!!!!!! 

Not only is this group our first in the maritimes, but they have now sent the first video to me of some of the group playing during worship.

Have a listen!  Can you guess the base pattern they are using? copy and use the address here: 


Or see the video posted below.


Cole Harbour - Woodside Biblical Drummers!
Cole Harbour - Woodside United Church, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cole Harbour - Woodside United Church, Nova Scotia, Canada