Greetings from California,

I am thinking of all of you with gratitude.

Thank you all for welcoming me with
such warmth, love, openness and appreciation.
It was an honor and delight to meet and be with
you all drumming and singing!

It was special in all ways.
I know Layne was very happy for her students
joining together in full circle to share the beauty of this drum.
The festival will always hold a special place in my heart!

How is the drumming coming along?
Wanted to water the seed of taking a look at your drum journey and story
with all the threads that web it together as you each follow the call.
There is all the blessings along the way, relationships formed, healings,
growth and honoring of those before us.

Have you heard each others stories?

How can we keep the fire burning of our original call of the drum?
You all had wonderful answers and wanted to plant the seed to contemplate them again
and share with each other.
Make simple reachable drum goals is one way.
Going to class. Share what you know or teach about the drum.
Watching videos. Performing. Just playing!! Make an altar.
Memorize a song. Have a daily practice.
Sing into the drum. Drum journal. private lessons.
Instructional videos. Support others drum journey.
Document via photos and videos. Make drum offerings or prayers

How good it is to know that each time we pick up the drum, we give voice to all that she represents.
She also allows us to give voice.

Sending blessings for your drum journey
Doum Doum Kah
love Miranda