Our retreat was unbelievably wonderful, filled with laughter, sharing, learning, savouring, and being.  Check out our photos!

Festival Registration News

The closing date for registration at the Second International Biblical Drum Festivaldraws quickly towards us.

We welcome all who are interested in Biblical Drumming, its history and how we are recapturing the Biblical drum today.

A Beginner/Refresher level is available.  Intermediate and Advanced levels are also open.

Come join us for a time of celebration, learning, being with our drum sisters and making new drum friends.

There is no walk-in registration. So book your spot now!

Hope to see you there!

Festival Registration Up

We are pleased to announce the registration process for the 2nd International Biblical Drum Festival is now finalized and available to you! So check our pages under Festival and join in!

Registration is limited and on a first come first serve basis: a total of 60 including 12 beginners. 

Wonderful, gifted and exciting leaders are now ready. And the Ottawa Biblical Drummers are eager to welcome you to Bells Corners United Church and to drum -lots- with you!

Miranda Rondeau is coming from California. Barb and Amy are driving up from Michigan. Let's learn, share, drum and care for the ancient tradition now resting and waiting in our hands!!! 


Introducing Miranda Rondeau!

The Second International Biblical Drum Festival has invited Miranda Rondeau as the Festival's special guest.  Miranda is coming from Los Angeles, California to share her internationally acclaimed drumming skills and her unique style of prayer-singing.

Check out our Festival pages devoted to her!


Lavender Fields Forever!

The Peterborough drummers share a wonderful drum story with us! 

Thank-you, Sylvia!

There is a place near Campbellcroft called Laveanna, which is all Lavender Fields.  Once a year the owners put on a Health and Wellness Weekend. The Mark Street Drummers were invited to participate this year.  Five of us were available to go.   We drummed Omalu  while entering, walking and leaving the labyrinth, which you can see it designed with lavender plants. When we reached the center, (we had already placed our frames there)  we drummed Rattlesnakes one and three several times. Before entering the labyrinth we drummed our meditation, and after finishing, we drummed our meditation again.
There were quite a few visitors as well, and they followed us into the labyrinth, walking to the beat of the drums. One lady wanted to walked it the second time, so we continued to drum Omalu while she was walking and meditating.  All in all even though it was 90 degrees and we were out in the hot sun, we all truly enjoyed the experience.

Mark Street United Church drummers by Lavender Labyrinth

Mark Street United Church drummers by Lavender Labyrinth

Festival 2016 NEW dates

Our previous date for Festival 2016 include the time of of Passover.  For this reason, the dates for the Second International Biblical Drum Festival have been moved one week earlier to April 15, 16 & 17.

So, re-mark your calendars and come, join in!!!!!

Drumming for Judith's Bat Mitzvah

The Ottawa Biblical Drummers were invited by one of our members, Judith, to drum for Psalm 150 at her Bat Mitzvah! We were thrilled!  It was a beautiful service of worship and our little part went quite well. Congregants were curious about our drums and appreciated our contribution. Below is a photo taken by Jordan Wouk (Judith's brother-in-law)  at this happy event!  Again, Judith, congratulations! And again, thank-you for the privilege of your invitation!  A magnificent lunch followed and in the evening of this auspicious day (March 21) we gathered a second time to celebrate Judith's 70th birthday with a lovely Lebanese dinner! Mazel Tov!  L'Chayim!

Ottawa Drummers ready for Judith (first on left)!

Second International Biblical Drum Festival !!!!!

Building on the wonderfulFirst International Biblical Drum Festival last year, we are pleased to share with you that the Second International Biblical Drum Festival will be held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 15 to 17, 2016. Beginners are most welcome as well as intermediate and advanced drummers who knew and learned with Layne Redmond.

Her very gifted drummer, Miranda Rondeau, from California is our special guest.   An internationally known drum singer, Miranda is a deeply spiritual frame drum artist, and gifted workshop facilitator. She chants with her own unique expression,  knitting the human being with nature's elements, for devotion, relaxation, meditation and prayer.

Earth Day occurs just after our Festival. And so the theme chose for our Festival isthe 4 elements: earth, air, fire, and water, an ancient Nubian practice of associating each stroke of the drum with an element. Layne learned of this association from Hamza el-Din who grew up in Nubia.

So, come, dream and drum, learn and celebrate ! 

The Ottawa Biblical Drummers will be your welcoming hosts!

Details will be published on this site as they become available.





2015: A Happy New Year for Drumming!!

After a celebratory final gathering in 2014, where each of us received a tambourine charm and we decided to have an Epiphany dinner, we took a 2 week break for the holidays, resuming our times together on January 2.  While some were down with colds and others taking holiday guest to the airport, everyone else joined in.  This year we will focus on the longer piece called Rattlesnake Composition for two groups of drummers. This shows weekly practice has led to wonderful results: we feel ready to take on this challenge!  A new opening format and closing Commissioning and Blessing are also part of each gathering.

New people are always welcome in either group: Bells Corners United Church (Friday 10:30 to noon) and Stittsville United Church (Friday 7pm to 9pm).  Please email before you come so that we can ensure there will be a drum for you to play!  The Friday group meets every other week depending on those gathered. So, if you 'd like to join us there, please email us to be sure of the date of our next gathering. All drummers are most welcome in either or both groups.

Happy New Year!  Hope to see you among us in 2015!

We made FB news!

Tak Doum, everyone,


This photograph comes from the opening page (FB) of Cooperman Frame Drum!


These are the new tars on order for the Ottawa frame drum group and one for the Bracebridge United Church frame drummers.



How many C-clamps did they use....???!!!


Ottawa Fall Schedule 2014

This fall, there will be 2 groups for biblical drumming in Ottawa: an Intermediate and a Beginner.

Intermediates will gather every Friday 10:30am-12:00noon at Bells Corners United Church.

Beginners will gather every other Friday  7:00pm-9:00pm at Stittsville United Church.

Members in either group are welcome to participate in both groups!

Please use the Contact Us link on this site for information and 'registration.'




News from the Festival 2014 hosts!

Here is a group photo at our end of year picnic.  We had it on a little island at our local Zoo....  What an array of food we had!!  We ate first, then ... sat on lawn chairs in a circle and drummed.  What a great time we had.  The weather was sunny and warm with a slight breeze.  We could not have asked for anything better.  We gave Bob a  retirement present of a 12" fiber skin drum.   Judy made a case for it, and she put a light colored flap on the inside of the drum case, which we all signed. We  gave him two cards because we liked them both, and couldn't decide which one we liked the best, so gave him both of them, signed by all of us.  Bob also had a present for us: a cow bell!!  Judy has been "assigned" to have it over the summer, as she was the one to play it at the Festival.  We had a wonderful day... Such a nice way to end the drumming year!

Summer picnic, Mark Street United Church drummers

Summer picnic, Mark Street United Church drummers